Jeep Cherokee XJ 1986-2001

Headlamp Upgrade - Cibie or Hella (6054 replacement) 200mm rectangular e-code headlamps. See Headlamps page.

Bulb Upgrade - H4/9003 bulbs. I highly reccomend the Osram Rallye H4 bulb with our harness. See Bulbs page. We do have off-road high-watt bulbs available, please inquire.

Wiring Harness Upgrade - We offer a Premium-Plus harness for the Jeep Cherokee XJ that does NOT have DRLs. See below.


Jeep Cherokee XJ 1986-2001 Premium-Plus Harness Details

No cutting of any wires required. This new harness if fully reversible should you want to remove it at any time in the future. The factory switch will now control relays that require little power of the original factory wires saving your precious factory switch gear and undersized wire. The headlamp electrical requirements are now handled by new heavy gauge wire and modern relays and connectors. You will need to drill two small holes for the relay mounting screws. (Or you can find industrial double sided tape to mount the relays.)
Premium-Plus Headlamp Wiring Harness
• Two premium Bosch/Tyco dual 87 relays.
• Fused dual circuit 12 AWG GPT wire with ring terminals bolt to battery positive (+).
• 10 AWG GPT wire ring terminal bolts to battery negative (-).
• 16 AWG GPT trigger cable plugs into stock headlamp connector.
• 12 AWG GPT wire to headlamp bulbs.
• All wires sheathed in vinyl tubing
• High-temperature "ceramic type" headlamp bulb connectors.
• All connectors professionally crimped and soldered.

Jeep Cherokee 1986-2001 Premium-Plus Harness, Power-Switched
(NOT for Factory Fog Lamp or DRL equiped vehicles)